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Re-design of the Charlie Bigham’s range of ready-to-cook delicious dishes. Charlie first set up his business inspired by his love of food and travelling. With the redesign, we wanted to bring the joy of food and travelling to the brand and the packaging so we decided to portray street markets from all around the world. We commissioned the incredibly talented illustrator Emily Sutton to create lots of lovely illustrations of market scenes, ingredients, animal and human characters which we put together to make a unique ‘scene’ per each recipe, reflecting its provenance. The result is a colourful and eclectic collection – a lot more foodie and contemporary than the previous designs dominated by plain white.
Designed at Bigfish. Copyright © Bigfish Design 2018. Words: Nell Fane Illustration: Emily Sutton Other designers: Zeynep Basay, Veronica Ulcigrai


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