Check Me Out!

  • James Sheard
  • Jaz Christou
  • Tami Stewart
  • İpek Onuk

Pitched concept for the Leeds Arts University End of Year Show 2020. Each element of the concept has been carefully considered to link with the idea of a supermarket, more specifically ‘checking out’ fitting with checking out of the University upon completion of the course. In addition to this, the title - Check Me Out! - encourages the *celebration* of individual designers work and talent across every course. Keeping with the concept, a shopping bag holds all of the products at a supermarket when checking out making it the perfect front. Each course was assigned an item from a supermarket, giving each its own individual identity within the brand. The fluorescent star stickers directly reference those used in supermarkets to draw a shoppers attention to products, this contemporary yet nostalgic style is eye-catching and relatable. Alongside a fun and tongue-in-cheek identity, short and punchy phrases create a focus on the individual work and the students who created it by using a tone of voice which is fun and friendly, reaching out to the wide target audience. Created with John Christou and Elise Bennison.