Clubhouse Studio Relaunch Event

  • Sasha Kluvitse
  • Moeen Moghal
  • Ramone Anderson
  • Laura Fontes
  • Rory O'Connor
  • Studio Nari

To celebrate its 6th anniversary, Clubhouse Studio marked the occasion with a one-night only creative experiment and event.

CH.S is an independent creative studio, unbound by labels, grounded in culture, powered by original creative direction, and global visual expression. The studio is dedicated to producing insightful, beautiful creative that has clear intention and a reason to exist in today’s world. Operating cross-platform and cross-medium, we’re a hybrid practice driven by a strong desire for craft, experimentation, and collaboration, all designed to spark meaningful conversations that matter.
Event Producer - Sasha Kluvitse
Creative Partner - Rory O'Connor
Senior Art Director - Jake Phillips
Senior Producer - Jade Christie

Photographer - Stephen Akinyemi (@bare_clips)
Videographer - Ramone Anderson

Merch - Caterina Bianchini
Spatial Design - Joseph Bond Studio
Visual Graphics - Jan Rybak, Moeen and Patrick Thomas Studio

AV - KSS Studio
Sound - Sound Service Hire

With special thanks to our drink sponsors Can0 Water, Captain Morgan, Old Blue Last Beers and Tanqueray.