Coffee By Tate

  • Jethro Nepomuceno

This project came about as a prompt from the Tate Museum website as they wanted some new artwork for their current coffee bags. This seemed boring, why not create an entirely new existing product and IP to fully bring their concepts to life. To do that I created a Russian Nesting Doll type coffee packaging that basically shows you the journey as you lift up the lid. The catchphrase "Coffee for everyone, by everyone" is a response to the number of hands and labour that has gone in just to get the coffee to your cup. From the male and female farmers that the Tate support in South America to the local breweries that the Tate supports, there are so many people in the chain that you should know how much effort it is to get coffee all the way into the bags you see in the store. Assets used: "Coffee bean" ( by Digital Archive of Natural History.