Passion Play

  • Jethro Nepomuceno

This project came about with the influx of news surrounding couples in lockdown. Isolation, and separation have made couples lose touch during this time which resulted in either the breaking of Lockdown rules or the end of many relationships. What I sought out to do was create a game that would essentially help couples who are separated to get their spark back and enjoy the time they have together even if it is long distanced. What I decided to create was an online 21 question experience that lets couples to customize a plethora of things ranging from the personal question to a custom Durex product as well as the unique little avatar that will react to your partners answer. You then send this game to your significant other and play it online through an online call and just try and learn all the little things about each other again. At the end, your prompted to purchase that customized Durex product for the time when you can reconnect…physically!