Collaborative car design for gaming

  • Joe Shields

#FordzillaP1 – A social campaign of collaboration between the gaming community and Ford designers.

Team Fordzilla is Ford's recently established gaming team and community.

This social campaign, titled Fordzilla P1, brought Ford Designers and gamers together on Twitter, to design a completely new vehicle specifically for gaming. Running simultaneously with the boom in gaming that the COVID-19 pandemic brought. With almost 300k votes contributing to the final design.
We rounded off 2020 with a mini-documentary for the PR launch. Looking back at the year-long project. From the first poll, to the final sketch, and the real model being brought to life.
The final aim now is for the vehicle to be released in a real game in 2021.
Using existing footage and working with a motion designer, I wrote and storyboarded a launch film for the campaign.

One thing we needed to avoid was a 'Boaty McBoatface' outcome – so we needed the designers to maintain an element of control over how this car would look.

Using exclusive new designs from Ford's team for each component, we built the car piece by piece, and wrote a series of polls which we put to the gaming community. Gathering votes for a collaborative outcome.

See the launch film and Twitter thread here: