Commonwealth Games 2014 - Look Programme

  • Andrew Stevenson

The ‘Look Programme’ is an essential phase of any global sporting event. City and venue dressing are hugely important in creating a celebratory atmosphere for visitors, and for building a strong sense of time and place for audiences watching across the world. The creative strategy developed for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Look Programme was applied to the host city, supporting cities and towns, event venues and sporting equipment.

The Look Programme was bold and striking, presenting Glasgow as a stylish, modern European city with a thriving arts and creative scene. 1.5 billion TV viewers, one million ticket holders, 6,500 athletes and 0.75 million city visitors experienced the branding.
Tangent conceived and art directed the on-screen graphics for television and media coverage. BBC and SVGTV were the official broadcasters for the Games.
"Tangent's enthusiasm and passion for, and dedication to, the Games and the brand has been truly appreciated. Their creativity, passion and leadership has left a fantastic imprint on the Games, and a body of work that we can all be proud of. The Games were a tremendous success – and Tangent played a huge, huge part in it."
Glasgow 2014

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