• Sophia Luu

Brief from D&AD New Blood Academy: Design something to sell on Ebay using only the things around you. Nothing you use can have any significant monetary value. I wanted to use my product to challenge the culture of waste and excess, proving it is possible to make somethign beautiful from very little. All the profits of £62 were given to Fareshare charity. ---- COMPFETTI ----- Compfetti is confetti for your compost. It’s made with 100% reused food waste. If you believe in helping people and the environment, you should bid on Compfetti. I’m sending all of my profits to FareShare, a charity which redistributes surplus food. From my plate to your plants: the food waste is mixed into a pulp, pressed into paper and cut into stars. The packaging is made from reused takeaway boxes. No batch is the same, because I don’t eat the same things every week. Simply sprinkle onto the soil of your plants. Watch it decompose and nurture your crops. Celebrate recycling. *** Product info *** This batch contains: onion skins, kitchen roll tubes, tea leaves, old tea bags & washed avocado skins. Dimensions: 12.5 x 11cm (It’s small, like its carbon footprint!)