Connecting Others Together

The Problem
A visual system offers an underlying structure to design, a set of rules that can be deployed to inform a limitless set of creative implementations. Visual systems, the parameters, colours, ratios, processes etc, within a given design framework bring a coherence and consistency to all the modes of communication within a visual identity. Visual systems can offer a creative strategy at the development stage of the design process together with an extensibility of the visual identity of the final outcomes.
The Soultion
We explored as a group the connections between students on all nineteen courses, we then categorised the courses into different colours.
The first video examines the people on the course as a whole, having connections with other students on other courses; we present this through thickness and colour.
The second video delves deeper into the data, it focuses on the individuals having their own connections with other students in different courses, on a social level (on a who they know basis).

Team Credits

Ravneet Bains

  • Message
  • Graphic Designer

Project Tags

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  • concept design
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