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  • Natasha Raymond

I have pitched, written and published various articles on, including news pieces, interviews, guides, and general informative pieces. I have my own author tag on the site. Skills used to complete these articles include: - Writing - Spotlight has a range of members, and so I use a range of voices and tones when writing to ensure that the article is suitable for its intended audience. I've written articles for young performers, adults, and industry professionals, all of which were written specifically to appeal to that demographic while also maintaining the house tone of Spotlight. I also alter the structures of the articles depending on whether they are news pieces or 'How to' guides. - Creative thinking - Often, an idea for an article begins with me identifying a common mistake that Spotlight members keep making. I'm able to put myself in their shoes, and write from a perspective that lacks the specific knowledge of that topic that I possess. - Interviewing - Some articles require me to organise and conduct interviews with creatives, both in person and over the phone. For these interviews, I open up a friendly channel of communication with the creative or their representative to organise a time and place, write my own questions, and make up new questions on the spot to explore interesting answers or topics. - Transcribing - For news pieces and interviews, I record what is said on a dictaphone. I then transcribe the recording and identify the key areas that need to be kept in for the article. - Photo editing - I am a skilled photo editor, and utilise this skill when it comes to uploading a photo alongside an article. I check to ensure the number of pixels and dpi is high enough to display well, and crop the photo if it doesn't appear in the header as I like.