Copywriting / Project case study - Carlsberg HQ, Copenhagen

  • Hannah Daly

Copywriting to successfully communicate the delivery of the project to Carlsberg's HQ in Copenhagen and include it as a major case study on the Icons of Denmark website.

Carlsberg group return to their historic roots at the site of the original brewery as they move into their brand-new headquarters in Copenhagen. Situated in Copenhagen’s inner-city fringe, the multi storied complex designed for the company by CF Møller architects is in the heart of the newly developed Carlsberg Byen district – a 600,000 sqm mixed-use development of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality.

Designer Jospehine Malling of Jospehine Malling Design was tasked with the interior fit-out of the Carlsberg Building. Focusing on natural materials, Malling has created an inviting and warm aesthetic referencing both the surrounding natural and constructed environment while following Danish design principals.

Malling comments on the project – “Carlsberg is a world known brand with a heritage that goes back to 1847. It has been an exciting process to bring classic and modern design together in a sophisticated international atmosphere – but still with a strong Danish design heritage.
I elected to refine my choices based on a strict selection of materials – wool, wood, brass and leather. My aim was to create an honest and practical interior style that would continue to be relevant in the future.”
Full project case study:

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