Curriculum Vitae Harry Oakley

  • Harry Oakley
This Book houses the Curriculum vitae of Harry Oakley. Featuring documentation of his skills and experiences, demonstrated by a brief insight into his portfolio.
As i was finishing uni as an illustrator, i wanted to gain some work experiance in editorial design/Graphic Design. I was inspire to do so by my Professional Practice Dossier i created for my final module.
I turned my CV into a book and got it printed, sending it out to targeted desgn houses, to get some work experiance over the next few months.

" am looking for work experience for the months following my graduation. As well as being an illustrator, I have a keen interest in design. Magazine layout and print design in particular. For my final hand in at university, I decided to present one of the modules as a magazine. I did this as a means to incorporate my illustrations into the context of text, to better showcase my style within editorial illustration. I really enjoyed the process; I felt the layout and composition of text came naturally to me. Since then I have been working on InDesign, learning the more advanced rules of layout design. I decided to challenge my skills, by putting together this zine. Somewhere to house my CV and showcase all have learned."
- Extract: Harry Oakleys CV Book