• Sade Ogunbayo
  • Zarin Contractor
  • Mina Abdurahman
Skip re-launches with a game-changing film shot by one of the world’s top directors and Grammy award-winning DoP

Skip, the Unilever owned premium detergent, has launched an ambitious interactive ‘music video’ shot by Luis Cerveró, the acclaimed director renowned for his inventive and entertaining music videos such as Pharrell Williams’ ‘Marilyn Monroe’.

‘Dance’ paves the way for a new premium category of laundry detergent aimed at women who love their clothes. The campaign is rooted in the idea that Skip shares this love of clothes, which is supported by the product’s game-changing credentials. A premium detergent that goes beyond cleaning, Skip keeps your wardrobe in perfect condition. Skip’s latest technology even removes bobbles, to keep clothes looking new and smooth for longer.

Set to the soundtrack of Janelle Monáe’s ‘Tightrope (The Solo Version)’, the 2 minute film celebrates women’s wardrobes and features a group of dancers performing a tightly choreographed routine. When viewing the film online it becomes a completely interactive experience, as the audience are invited to instantly change the dancers’ outfits with just one click. Expert tips for caring for each garment are seamlessly integrated throughout.

The film uses advanced technical production techniques, as the changing of the outfits was achieved without using any form of post production or visual trickery. Achieving this meant shooting the routine nine times (once for each outfit change), whilst the dancing of the women had to match exactly from one outfit to the next, and the camera movements had to remain identical between takes.

The campaign targets the rapidly growing, affluent audience of clothes-loving women globally. Research revealed that 70% of that target audience regularly engage with clothes online (shopping/talking/blogging), so this campaign seeks to take Skip out of the kitchen and into the world of online fashion. ‘Dance’ aims to engage the target audience with entertaining content that showcases the many different clothes that Skip cares for.

The campaign will launch in Argentina before rolling out to other markets around the Globe. In Argentina, the film will run on TV and in cinemas, with Global PR and seeding driving to the online interactive element. The campaign will be supported with print and in-store assets in certain markets.

Stuart Edmunds, Global Brand VP Skip and Surf, commented: “I am delighted that our first work on Skip with BBH has brought such a distinctive look to communication in laundry”.