Data 4 Good - Can big data solve big problems?

  • Jay Maude
  • Emily O'Mara
  • Deborah Znaty
  • Giada Ghiringhelli
In a time when "data" has become a sensitive concept to talk about, we partnered with the team at Google Cloud on a series of films that tell positive stories about Big Data.
From early identification of Alzheimer's and tackling unemployment in South Africa to conserving wildlife around the world, our films focused on what's possible when innovation meets purpose.
Executive Producers: Karen Crookes, Deborah Znaty
Producers: Amanda Mesaikos (FPM, Harambee, ZSL), Sam Breen (ZSL)
Creative: Rohit Iyer
Production Manager: Emily O'Meara
Directors: Jeremy Asher Lynch (FPM, Harambee) , Rod Main (ZSL)
DOP: Dustin Miller (FPM, Harambee), Jacob Niblett (ZSL)
Sound Op: Jabu Msomi, Rob Thomas
Editor: Giada Ghiringhelli (Harambee, ZSL), Jay Maude, David Abramski (FPM)
Grade: Polka ( FPM, Harambee) Colour A Go Go (ZSL)
Sound Mix: Jungle Studios (FPM, Harambee), Swell Music Sound (ZSL)