Design Can

  • Sabine Zetteler
  • Jess Meyer
  • Chris Hayes
  • Emily Ward
  • Rupert Evans-Harding

Design Can is a campaign and online tool calling for the design industry to be representative of the world it serves. For many years, the public faces of design in the UK have been drawn from a small and homogenous pool – the same voices are heard at panel discussions; the same names appear on event programmes; and the same spokespeople and figureheads are called upon to host events. Design Can exists to be a part of the change, featuring a manifesto demanding an inclusive industry, a resources page championing those who deserve recognition, a submit page where you can put forward projects or people doing things differently, and You Can, a set of practical tips that anyone can do to change the industry. Design Can calls on everyone and anyone to be a part of the push towards inclusivity. By representing a more dynamic and varied spectrum of creativity, design can – and will – unearth new ideas and inspire a new generation. WHAT WE DO FOR DESIGN CAN Team Zetteler have joined forces with up-and-coming design studio Not Flat 3 and a smashing steering committee to kickstart Design Can. From our perspective, that means creating an online resource for design industry leaders, providing guidance on broadening representation on panel and speaker selection at design events, and actively reaching out – across our network and beyond – to make the case for an inclusive design community.