Dewars Whisky Cask Installation

  • Thomas Forsyth
  • Dan Viveiros
  • Laura Jordan Bambach
We were contacted by StinkDigital and Mr. President to collaborate on this live kinetic sculpture, which we made to fit inside a sawn off cask for the Dewars Whisky Company. The installation now sits in Dewar's distillery in Scotland and contains a micro-controller that connects it to the internet, creating a link between their website and their physical premises. Every time someone visits the Dewar's website, numerical lights inside the whisky bottles display the new number of web hits.
This piece also has another incredible and more animate feature... The micro-controller inside this kinetic sculpture also triggers these 3D printed Dewar's logo gears and cogs, to burst into movement every time a set number of website visitors log onto the site (see video below). These parts have all been hand painted and finished to ensure the extra attention to detail required for such a unique piece.
The Dewar's whisky bottles were carefully hand cut and then jointed into the solid oak shelf, to house the cold cathode display bulbs (also known as Nixie Tubes). These bulbs were then connected through the base of the bottle, down into the central micro-controller, which was housed in the bespoke wooden terminal box.
We designed and 3d printed a number of bespoke brackets and fixings for this installation to give it a depth of quality, right down to the rarely visible parts. Beautiful examples can be seen below of the brackets that hold the bottle bases to the underside of the shelf and the ring detail around the data cable entry hole.


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