• Sarah Price
  • Nefeli Kyriakidi

More than a third of the planet have absolutely no access to the internet. In some countries, affordability and governmental control are the main barriers. But, the UK is one of the most developed, multicultural, and connected countries in the world, and yet only 41% of rural areas have a stable internet connection, compared to 81% of urban areas, and many remote UK locations still have no internet connection at all. ​ 5G development means that the concept of anyone being beyond the reach of the internet is fading away fast. Quality of life will be improved vastly by quality internet access being available across the world, and closer to home. ​ The idea is to produce a Netflix series, to portray the good of the internet, and how 5G will take it to the next level. The show will centre around families with no regular access to the internet, from all corners of the world, including rural Britain. Provided with 5G internet by Giffgaff, the series will follow the families as they learn about each other’s ways of life and cultures, and the rest of the vast information, entertainment and opportunities the internet brings. 5G will be bringing the world closer than ever.