DON'T TELL MUM (Editorial Shoot)

  • Debora Tonet
  • Sophia Katyea
  • Charlie Walker

This shoot was inspired by the 80's/90's fashion editorial era seen in Vogue magazine and high end brand campaign shoots. I assisted the incredible Sophia Kateya, who allowed me free reign to be creative and playful while executing her vision for this shoot. We used new designers to add a modern edginess while not compromising the charm and character of our referenced influence. I'm not in the business of fashion but making Art is my M.O! Team: Photographer- Charlie Walker @charliewalker-photo Stylist- Sophia Katyea @sophiakatyea Assistant stylist- Debora Tonet @caciatonet Hairstylist- Norimitsu Goto @norimitsugoto Makeup Artists- Melody Chantler @melodymakeup_ Muse- Olga Holinka @olgaholinka Studio- @bigskystudios Modelling agency- @titaniummanagement