• Emilio Vanni

Product Design: Self Onboarding

dopay (yes, with lowercase d) is a digital payroll system that eliminates cash in salary payments for emerging countries. At the moment the system is active in Egypt with hundreds of companyes using it and thousands of active cards.
The onboarding process for dopay comprehends both the company (corporate) registering on the service itself, and its own employees (retail) onboarded by the company through the web or mobile app, manually or uploading a payroll file.
Due to regulation, the employees have to provide a form of ID first, for the KYC (Know Your Customer) process and, after the documents are checked and approved, they have to go through a physical touch point for identity verification (face to face verification is a compliance requirement) and card retrieval.
The prepaid card – Mastercard or Visa – where the salary funds are disbursed electronically, works as a mini-bank account and comes with its own companion app. 
The following process was created to facilitate the onboarding of large corporates, and to automate employee ID collection, a phase of the process that was still being delegated almost entirely to the corporates themselves.
The “self onboarding” process helps to standardise and secure the data upload procedure, to greatly simplify and speed up consistently onboarding for large corporates.
Once the employees are added to the system by the corporate, they are sent an SMS with a link to a web self onboarding flow, where they can upload a picture of their ID: Passport or Identity Card are accepted.
Non-smartphone users (<20%) are routed towards the customer support call centre.
Following ID verification, the employees are invited via follow up sms messages or voice call to collect their cards at a collection point (dopay shop) in Cairo, Alexandria, or directly in their workplace (in-branch) in case of remote locations.
The project included the design of both the digital and physical touch points for the employees: I also designed the web flow and the dopay shop to be fit out in Cairo.