Forward3D: Identity & Collateral

  • Emilio Vanni
I bootstarted, grew, and led the design team at Forward3D, a multichannel global digital marketing agency based in London and New York, from 2010 to 2018. The team looked after Forward3D's own branding as well as carrying out client work assignments.
Between 2012/2013 we rebranded Forward3D with the aim to reposition the agency's image closer to the fashion industry's own visual language, position where the agency operated until its merger and rebrand as ForwardPMX in 2019.

The tasks I've led and oversaw over the years included print design, web design & online interactive, display advertising, video design, photography, and even office/interior design to an extent.
My role included both being hands on and overseeing a team of (very talented) designers. All the projects have been produced by my in-house team and, where needed, in collaboration with our internal software development team, and supported by a network of freelancers and consultants we’ve built over the years and with which we collaborated regularly.