Empty Promises - The problem with video game dating simulators

  • Niall Martin

Empty Promises is a speculative design project that takes phrases and conversations from various dating simulator video games, such as Mystic Messenger, Hunie Pop and Dream Daddy, and packages them onto various parodies of supermarket consumables. By doing so, the project aims to portray how the empty compliments are sucked up by loyal users of the game, and in turn they have become entirely faithful to the in-game characters (and subsequently, the video game itself), and ultimately have become alienated from typical society, compromising real relationships and true feelings with empty promises. After designing the front of the designs, which contained the quotes and scripts that I had found to be used in dating simulators (with some attempting to be relevant to the original packaging - e.g.: "you are so hot" on the matchbox design), the backs were then designed to explain what the project is about, as to not lose track of the main point of the project. Outcomes: - A series of mockups, styled as typical household "throwaway" items, with enticing messaging replacing the original text.