Energy Lab

  • Sarabjit Singh
  • Yoni Che.

The Energy Lab project is inspired by the demands of the current climate emergency and it addresses the importance of a more locally maintained ecosystem while proposing an improved self-sustaining cycle. By focusing on proposing a self-sustaining energy cycle, the Energy Lab can be divided into 2, interconnected parts (or modules), that shape it as a garden with a restorative function: an enery­g generating system and a serving point (system). The first is designed to engage with people an1 to turn all visitors into active generators of energy. The latter module, the fountain serving point, aims at opening up the place for nighttime users too as their inclusions are necessary to the community as part of our desire to provide a place of social equality. Thus the project challenges what a 'garden space' is and its design elements address 3 key disruptions that it aims at resolving: Scarcity, Instability and speculation.

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