• Geoffrey Idun

A 6-year brand design & brand management project for Evalueserve, a leading analytics partner in the professional services industry.

My branding design & brand management for Evalueserve began in January 2015. I was collaborating with award-winning b2b marketing agency, Earnest. Our task was to completely rebrand all of Evalueserve’S print and digital marketing, as the company was fast growing and needed to communicate a clear value proposition to clients.

Following the rebrand, we worked on the internal branding and getting employee buy-in. Now I’ve helped Evalueserve develop a new identity for their entire global firm, to reflect the mind+machine™️ methodology, and how much the organisation has changed.

Firstly a new typeface, FS Albert, was introduced to add a singular confidence and clarity to communications.

Secondly a more vibrant colour palette was put in place as to reflect the changes in branding in the professional service industry.

Thirdly a custom photographic style was developed to give unique fidelity and focus to all imagery.

The final part of my design & brand management for Evalueserve was isometric graphical elements and iconography which nodded more to the tech and digital sectors of the business. In my time at the firm the website has undergone several iterations to ensure it stays up-to-date from both a design and a technological standpoint.

“Geoffrey is calm and thoughtful, which makes it very easy to work with him. He is also Incredibly talented and creative as a designer.”

– Sandra Winkler, former AVP of Marketing, Evalueserve