Evalueserve IPR&D

  • Geoffrey Idun

A 3-year project involving design & brand management for Evalueserve IPR&D. The sub-brand is world’s largest provider of IPR&D solutions. The company is unique in having such a large, in-house research development and innovation intelligence team.

The work on creating an Evalueserve sub-brand began in March 2017, collaborating with award-winning brand to sales agency, the Octopus Group, to create a completely new sub-brand for this flourishing division of Evalueserve. Following the sub-branding, whilst working as part of the IPR&D team, we worked on the internal branding and getting employee buy-in. Evalueserve IPR&D is now the largest service provider of quality-focused IPR&D Search, Intelligence and IP prosecution solutions.

The new identity created whist working in brand management for Evalueserve IPR&D was purposefully built by embracing their commitment to their unique “Information Adventurers” theme. The visual identity featured strong, forward-focused imagery and a custom-made set of icons which have been used at various events to great effect in starting conversions with potential clients and online.