Every Run IS Different | Ciele Athletics | Branded Documentary

  • Joel Barney
  • Ozzi Sanderson
  • Matt Ben Stone
  • Fraser Stephen

Following three London based runners, we celebrate the diversity of the running community and landscape within England’s capital.

Every Run Is Different follows three London based runners as they explore what it is they love about running in the capital.

In this short branded documentary, the diversity of London's running community and landscape is celebrated, showcasing all of the hidden gems of London's running scene.
This project began being developed during lockdown in the UK back in 2020. We reached out to some interesting characters in the London running community that we wanted to offer the platform to tell their story.

It was important to us to represent the whole of London's running community and the incredible landscape tha London has to offer to those who seek it out.
Yvette Casallas is a running ambassador living in North West London. Yvette's dedication to the running community is infectious and her love for meeting people through the sport is incredily inspiring.
Ben Wood is an ex Royal marine and proffesional thai boxer... pretty bad ass right? To say that we struggled to keep up with his energy on set would be an understatement. His drive to better himself through running is something I admired whilst working on this project.
Oluwakemi (Kemi) is a London born banker who grew up in Nigeria before returning back to the UK to study. Kemi's infectious smile and enthusiasm for running is incredible. Kemi found her love for running through seeking calm and peace during stressful times studying for her phd. Her love for the sport and the community is something that really stuck with me during the filming process.
It was great working in collaboration with Ciele on this project to help tell the stories of London's running communities.
As ever it was brillaint to work with Sonder Films with creative support on the project from Seen Agency.