• Branwen Dyboski-King

Here's an interview I did for a student mag that explains what FACETUNEDEMON is.. FACETUNEDEMON actually came to fruition through my frustrations with Instagram. I’ve had my own personal struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, and I’ve always found Instagram to be a place where I was able to express that in some form. However, as you know, Instagram is also a platform of mass deception, showing one tiny piece of your life in perfect light, using filters that literally give you a facelift, and smoothing your skin until you don’t have a single pore. I was looking in the mirror once an I just thought, fuck it, I’m going to create societies perfect version of myself, and the more I started messing about with it the more I just found it hilarious. It just looked so stupid and so extreme and I loved it. The funniest thing to me is the number of men that slide into FACETUNEDEMON'S DMs lol. Anyway, I decided to write my dissertation around FACETUNEDEMON, documenting all the responses I got. FACETUNEDEMON has inspired me in many ways, it’s given me a lot of power over my dysmorphia. When I take a picture for my ‘regular’ Instagram an I’m like ew wtf I look like a toe, I just make a FACETUNEDEMON out of it. All the outtakes from any shoots that I’ve done have become a FACETUNEDEMON. It also allows me to exist as a digital form. FACETUNEDEMON isn’t real but digitally it is, and I just find that so exciting and fun. I’ve had mixed responses, obviously, some of the images are very shocking, and I deliberately wanted them to be shocking, because really they are the product of my struggles, so some people have maybe been a little worried? But I feel FACETUNEDEMON seems to resonate with a lot of queer folks, and drag artists and maybe that's because I myself am queer and FACETUNEDEMON is another form of my drag, it’s a digital persona I have created where I can be my scariest and ugliest and most shockingly beautiful version of myself. Oh definitely manifestations of myself, FACETUNEDEMON is everything I wish I could be but also everything I fear in myself. Some days, I consider getting extreme surgery to look like Amanda Lepore, or Pete Burns because, I don’t know, I just love that you can edit yourself like that, but something inside of me always says no. I guess FACETUNEDEMON is a manifestation of exactly those conflicts that I have in my head. That’s the thing, FACETUNEDEMON is always a product of something else I was trying to do, so in terms of style the concept is always the same as the unedited picture I was trying to take, and then that particular FACETUNEDEMON is born from that. Ahaha, can I plug myself? Pls hire me, I am a sad graduate that misses the gay club and needs a job. Here’s my portfolio https://bd267304ea84.myportfolio.com/work and my ‘regular’ Instagram lol https://www.instagram.com/bumbleino/?hl=en