Falmouth University, MA Communication Design

  • Hrissy Ostrovska
  • Paddy Tate
  • Daisy Pooley-Tolkien
  • Hannah Woolley
  • Georgia Foote
  • Niall Martin
  • James Pike
  • Ian Walden
  • Elishia Davies
  • Emily Eaton
The MA Communication Design at Falmouth University is a transformative and reflective 45-week experience; which seeks to provoke the development of an individual voice and identity in the practice and business of communication design.

The course is delivered in the context of a rapidly changing, complex and accelerating media world; one in continuous collision with ever-evolving political, cultural and ethical catalysts. Engagement with projects and insights from leading global ‘provocateurs’ ensures a contemporary currency to the experience and a journey that delivers the skills to inspire and shape new practice and subject innovation.


Ian Walden
Paddy Tate
Daisy Pooley-Tolkien-Sharpe
Niall Martin
James Pike
Hristiyana Ostrovska
Elishia Davies
Georgia Foote
Emily Eaton
Hannah Woolley