Finally it's out!

  • Katherine Luna Gate
  • Michelangelo Torres

II am delighted to finally announce, after almost two months of tech glitches and a thousand emails exchanged with Vimeo customer assistance, that my first self-funded short film Off the Chains can be viewed here: This project is a fundraiser for a local kennels, and donations start from as little as £3 - please give generously. The link above will take you to the donation page; once the donation is made, the link to the film will be released. Below are some shots taken on the night the film was launched in my hometown on the 23rd of April 2023, during which almost £160 were raised. I just want to thank everyone who believed in this project, particularly the actors, who asked for nothing else in return but their showreel, and to Michelangelo Torres for helping me with his service and precious advice throughout. As first-time filmmaker, I have been blessed with working with talented and creative people, who were a joy to work with, and with whom I have learned new skills. They've inspired me to plan for the next adventure. Please find The Ology's track here and sing along: Please feel free to add comments/feedback to this post, as these are not available on Vimeo for the time being. Thank You. #firsttimefilmmaker #writer #director #producer #OfftheChains #selffunded #shortfilm #project