FLUX - interactive visual installation

by John Carpenter + Justin Shrake in collaboration with Studio Yves Peitzner
FLUX is part of a recent series of installations that explore the spatial ambiguity of visually dense forms in space. The site specific installation invites the audience to dive into the INHORGENTA MUNICH brand world to interact with gemstone like objects like flower blossoms floating in the wind evoking joyful emotions - like jewelry when given to a loved one. The software-based artwork visualizes real-time 3D sensor data of viewers, while several underlying algorithms constantly shift and distort the data into new conformations. The software, built in Processing, calculates and draws close to 200K triangles per frame at 60fps. This is John and Justin's (Los Angeles, CA) first collaboration with Studio Yves Peitzner, who curated, designed the site, and installed the work.


Yves Peitzner

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  • Creative Director /Multimedia Artist

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