For All Life with Volvo Cars

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Empowering people and the planet.

Taking pride in the future of safety.

Now in its 18th year, Future Lions, AKQA and Cannes Lion’s annual global competition, illuminates the vision of young people and their imaginative application of cutting-edge technologies for change. AKQA, together with Volvo Cars and Forbes CMO Network, set a new brief for the changemakers of the future.
Since 1927, Volvo Cars has made it their mission to make life safer for everyone. To maintain the position as a pioneer of the protection of people and the planet, Volvo invited applicants to explore inventive solutions that prioritise safety.

For lives, for living, For All Life.

Even though people are statistically more secure than ever before, they feel less safe. Feeling safe is about much more than physical safety. The rise in awareness of mental health creates more need for psychological safety, and the climate crisis raises the focus on planetary safety.
In 2023, we are asking young people to protect what is most important about our home planet – life itself. How can we pioneer the use of technology to protect people and make them feel safe?
“We have found the innovative and creative approach to the For All Life brief from young people who took part truly inspirational. The ambition to make the world a safer place for all of us through the Volvo Cars brand by crafting new products and services is commendable. The winning ideas this year have proven how thoughtful solutions could create tangible developments for mental, physical and planetary safety.”
Andreas Malm, Global Head of Brand at Volvo Cars

For the first time in the competition’s history, AKQA has awarded two Grand Prix winners. The idea to combine both solutions creates one elegant world-changing idea for maximum impact.

Grand Prix

Bike Bell

A device that attaches to a bicycle and connects to the Volvo Cars app, alerting motorists when a cyclist is within reach to help prevent road accidents.
Albert Bäckman, Emil Sörensen, Rebecka Rydgren, Sandra Alwan, Clara-Fanny Nordström Pagh. Berghs School of Communication, Sweden.

Grand Prix

Safety Noise

A new feature built into car horns to transmit a frequency that interrupts noise cancelling headphones, encouraging greater awareness of the user’s surroundings.
Sara Cavallo Bec, Victoria Lara Battista, Hannia Yaret Rodriguez Torres. Brother and Miami Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“It’s inspiring to see the winning entries using digital innovation, creativity and culture to reimagine and reshape everyday living to be safer. To overcome the present challenges in the way of safety, the near future is set to be revolutionary for such creative use of technology.”
Seth Matlins, Managing Director of the Forbes CMO Network


Head Lights

By replacing the fluorescent lights used in public digital billboards with light therapy lamps, these screens can help commuters combat seasonal depression.
Sebastian Benn. DMJX, Denmark (Danish School of Media and Journalism).


Clean Energy Hour

A native car navigation system that helps drivers find the nearest EV charging stations supplying renewable energy.
Jaeyeon Hwang, Hong MyeongYun, Uijin Yang, Woohee Byun. Open Learn Academy South Korea.

School of the Year.

Recognising the efforts and dedication both tutors and students give to their inspirational ideas, the institution with the most shortlisted entries is awarded the prestigious School of the Year trophy.
Brother Creativity School is named for the second time as Future Lions School of the Year.

All roads lead to Cannes.

Future Lions joined forces with Oscar-nominated director Thierry Marchand whose passion for visual storytelling has transformed this year’s theme into a whimsical hand-drawn 2D world, featuring Future Lions cubs on a mission to make lives safer, easier and happier. Each moment is intended to inspire young people to interpret the brief to make a difference – whether to the world, a community or an individual.
The Future Lions cub took on a new life, true to this year’s artistic direction. Thierry’s character design embodies the inherent playfulness and fearlessness of the cub, and brought it to life in delightful, heartwarming and humorous ways.

The Jury Room.

This year’s Future Lions award show takes place in an enchanting location inspired by the south of France, complete with white walls, painted shutters and wrought-iron balconies, dressed with olive trees and dried lavender, invoking the live judging that takes place in Cannes every year.
The roundtable format of the Jury Room created an intimate space for an informal discussion between industry experts as they explore why the winning ideas have been honoured. As part of AKQA’s enduring commitment to inspire the next generation of creative leaders, the film is free to watch on, ensuring that Future Lions remains truly accessible for all young people.
Our 2023 Future Lions winners demonstrate that innovation knows no bounds when young minds have the opportunity to champion the safety and wellbeing of the world. Thank you Volvo and Forbes for powering the platform that gives a new generation the opportunity to shine, and have their inspiring, enriching inventions realised.

Ajaz Ahmed, CEO and Founder of AKQA

The 2023 Future Lions award show can be viewed here.

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