• Chloe Winnett

‘Forecast’ is a sustainably focused collection inspired by how consumerism has impacted our world creating our Anthropocene Era. Aiming to visually challenge the relationship between consumer and clothing by creating a (possible future) post apocalyptic world. Merging the need for survival and consumer behaviour, asking for a slower more meaningful circular cycle of fashion.  Taking inspiration from historical unorthodox survival clothing in history from the World Wars (1914-18, 1939-45), to the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and the most recent COVID-19 virus of 2020.  ‘Forecast’ consists of upcycling 100% of fabrics. Using waste army combat wear brought home by soldiers as they are unable to reuse most combat kit after tour, making the clothing automatically wasted. In addition to reusing waste dress fabric from textile mills. Textiles through the use of wool manipulation have been applied to old army jumpers in order to create the camouflage illusion to be used as a disguise tactic to hide and survive. Each look is complete with a tailored headwear that has been used for survival wear in the past or present, displaying the evolution of survival wear clothing in history.