• Elizabeth Parker
  • Danielle Summerton
Geberit Annual Party
Role : Assistant Creative
Agency Credit to Wonderland Agency
Objectives & Strategy
Create an all encompassing and exciting event with a strong brand focus. Demonstrate to Geberit's top tier clients that they remain an innovator in their field with a bright future.
Takeover an industrial space and give it a premium, VIP makeover. Fill the space with theatrical and interactive water inspired activities, whilst subtly showcasing the brand's products in an inventive and playful manner. 
A curated 'Water is our element' hinged experience involving show stopping entertainment alongside a series of engaging and inventive brand experiences with multi sensory touch points. 
The event was a total break from the norm in the industry, leaving guests surprised and delighted from start to finish. Highlights included state of the art projection, a giant pipe inspired ice sculpture, lab bar, mist tunnels, edible mist orbs and UV water drummers!


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