Get The Look: Faux Lashes

While faux lashes are one of the easiest ways to "up" your makeup game, the endless options and application process can be intimidating to some! 

We've outlined some easy steps that will ensure a seamless application and result in gorgeous faux flutter. 
1.      Pick a true-to-you style.
Perfect faux lashes look best when they mirror your existing eye shape or enhance what you’ve already got. 
2.      Choose your lash type.
Our favourite lashes range from near “disposable” sets to lust-worthy investment pieces. Brands like House of Lashes are cruelty-free and only use human and synthetic hair. If you're on a budget, makeup pros everywhere know there’s no better bargain than Ardelle, whose Demi Wispies are a cult favourite. If you’re looking for an investment lash with high style, you’ll want to check out Esqido lashes or Velour for photo shoot-worthy fauxs. 
3.      Trim your faux lashes to fit your eyes.
The very first step in your application process should be popping those beauties out of the box and doing a little measuring. Since not all eyes are the same size, take a minute to see how the lashes fit your eye shape.
4.      Prepare your natural lashes.
Before you begin, it's also a good idea to give your natural lashes a light coat of your favourite mascara so they have something to hold onto. 
5.      Wait 10secs after applying glue to lash
When you’re ready to apply, squeeze a little glue on the back of your hand and gently drag the lashes through to pick up a minimal amount of product. Also, consider glue that dries black and blends right in with your liner!
6. Gently press and squeeze the lashes to set them.
We’re ready to apply! Move those lashes to the top of your natural lash, setting them down lightly. The right motion here is to gently press and squeeze. You want to press the faux lashes into your own lash line, and carefully squeeze the band to your natural lashes at the base of your eyelashes. This is where a lash applicator can provide that gentle pressure you’re looking for, but you can always use your fingers, too. 
7. Finishing Touches.
Draw a bit of black liner over the band to fill in any gaps and hide any edges of the lash. A soft squeeze with a lash curler and a final coat of mascara is also a great way to blend your real lashes with the fakes. 
Check out below a video tutorial for visual help.


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