• Oliver Dixon
  • Sabine Zetteler

They’re the brains behind Choose Love, the world’s first store that sells real products for refugees, and the guerrilla ad gang who filled Clapham Common station with cats – meet the creative collective out to improve our world.

Founded in 2016 by James Turner and Zac Schwarz, the Glimpse Collective has grown to over 1,600 members – a global network of skilled communications professionals united by a desire to create impactful work which focuses on positive solutions to major social and environmental problems. Thus far, Glimpse’s campaigns have included Choose Love – the now-international pop-up store where people can buy items for refugees – and the Kickstarter-funded Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS), which struck a blow against rampant consumerism and introduced a moment of joy into the lives of London commuters by replacing 68 ads at Clapham Common tube station with pictures of cats. Today, Glimpse’s activities are split between the Glimpse Collective, which masterminds and executes its independent campaigns; Glimpse Works, which works with charities and similar organisations to help them spread their message; and Glimpse Studio, a training programme for commercial creatives to enable them to bring positivity and purpose to their work.


A creative collective engineered to spread positivity and a communications agency on a mission to make the world better – Glimpse and Zetteler were clearly meant for each other. We’re putting everything we’ve got into amplifying their important work, and sharing their message because, like them, we firmly believe that, with passion and purpose, compassion and collaboration, better things are possible.


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