Godless & Sane

  • Matt Broughton
G O D L E S S   &   S A N E  is an ongoing music project still in the works. The album centres around themes of identity and creative freedom. The title of the album uses religious iconography as a metaphor to express the ideal of autonomy as a young artist. To consider oneself as both godless and sane states that you can be safe and sufficient whilst being free from all worldly constraints.
The project is a concept album, telling a story of a clown/performer (the artist) embarking on a solitary journey of self-discovery and emotional freedom and through a barren uncharted land. He encounters a variety of different angels and demons in the guise of love, sex, fear, famine, loss, loneliness, rivalry, brotherhood, faith and acknowledgement.
The visual language of the album explores sun-scorched urban landscapes married with a dead and forgotten Baroque aesthetic.


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