Grocery List

  • Evelyn Havinga
  • Emily Morgan
  • Michael Morgan
  • Greta Pozaricka
  • Haley Paolini-Kennington
  • The Dyás
  • marianne gray
  • Lara Nasamu

Exclusive fashion editorial: Grocery List for Original Magazine An amazing day with such a talented team, thank you! Photographer: Evelyn Havinga Photographic Assistants: Greta Pozaricka and Haley Paolini Designer: The Dyás Set Designer: Mia Sylvia Make-Up Artist: Lara Nasamu Models: Marina & Marianne Gray Studio: DCC Studios - Drawing Cabaret Couture A massive thank you to Drawing Cabaret Couture and everyone involved in the stunning live drawing class! To see the full editorial, head to