Heineken Original Sound Experiments

  • Lizi Hamer
  • Roman 4711
  • Marko Stankovic
  • Asporça Keser
Heineken has a strong music heritage. We wanted to reinforce Heineken’s position as the most progressive and innovative brand in Asia’s music scene. To do that, we launched the Heineken Original Sound Experiments, a 5 year plan to engage and play alongside our consumers.
In 2015 we started our experiements, testing our first simple hypothesis: CAN YOU SEE MUSIC? 
We gathered a diverse group of collaborators to create one of the largest experiments ever seen in the music world - An experiment that pushed the boundaries of how we interact with music, beyond just listening to it. This team of experts grows each year as we innovate.
The Original Sound Experiments brings music, technology and 'Men of the World' together, revolutionising the way we enjoy music. Each year we test a new hypothesis across Asia, which takes us to 17 cities, 36 pioneering events, involving over 50,000 music fans. Through our integrated campaign, over 12.5 million people have felt our sound experiment.
In 2016 we continued our experiements creating an experience where consumers were asked: CAN YOU TOUCH MUSIC?
We worked with progressive tech collaborators to craft a new Green Room Experience - Touch The Music. Touch The Music showcased Sonic Droids that moved amongst the crowd and delivered unique tactile expressions of music. Together with curated event visuals, music and 32,000 partygoers in 19 cities felt music come alive in a sensorial experience like no other..


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