Help Penguin save penguins

  • Andrea Sarnataro
  • Silvia Cutrera

Inspired by the many catastrophic events suffered by Antarctic penguins (the biggest one in 2017, when only two chicks survived from a colony of 40,000), this project aims to support the WWF adoption programme through a collaboration with Penguin Books. A new collection of classics, Save Antarctica, will display a special, scratchable version of the iconic Penguin logo; the same logo will be the powerful centre of the attention of the different advertising executions.​


1) 1st prize for "The Drum editor-in-chief Award" - The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2019
2) 2nd prize/Vinegar for Best Charity- The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2019
3) Nomination for Best Stunt or Experience - The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2019
4) Nomination for Best Ad which really should run (that hasnt) - The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2019

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