Hogarth Worldwide - Multilingual SEO Project Management

  • Mayda Bakri

From February 2017 to May 2018, I have project managed multiple multilingual SEO projects for global brands with the help of a network of freelance SEO experts. Here are some of the SEO projects we delivered.

Keyword Research & Metadata Optimisation for Voltaren

I've delivered numerous projects for GSK's consumer healthcare brands. I've carefully selected the freelance talents who would work on these projects based on their native tongue, skills, rate and availability. For each project, we used a freelance SEO expert and paired them with a seasoned proofreader to deliver keyword research, optimised ALT tags and metadata.
Voltaren Finland
Voltarol Norway
Voltadol Spain
Voltaren Sweden
Keyword research, mapping & image optimisation for Parodontax France
MyDentureCare.com - Delivery of keyword expansion and keyword mapping to feed into the content gap analysis work carried out on their site in Belgium (Flemish and Dutch).
Website Content Optimisation for Cetaphil

We've delivered keyword research, keyword mapping and optimised articles for Cetaphil Germany, Brazil and Poland.
Multilingual SEO optimisation for VisitTheUSA.com

Keyword research, keyword mapping and content optimisation for the US tourist board for their audience in France, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, India, UK, India).