Lysol - Rollout in Europe

  • Mayda Bakri

With Covid-19, cleaning and disinfection are at the forefront of people's minds. I was hired by RB to project manage the roll out of their sites on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) across Europe for Lysol.

I had the opportunity to work with 2 agencies on this project. I've planned the website localisation and launch of the site in 10+ markets (France, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, etc.)
Dual-language websites

For countries with more than one official languages, we've delivered a dual-language site allowing users to switch from one language to another (i.e. Latvian and Russian for Lysol Latvia, as pictured below).
Buy Now

FMCG brands don't typicall sell direct-to-consumer on their own websites. We're therefore using the site to redirect consumers to local online retailers from whom they can purchase Lysol products.
Cleaning Tips & Advice

Through their, each country can share precious information about Covid-19 along with cleaning tips and advice. Articles educate consumers on the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Topics also include how to educate children on the benefits of thorough hand washing to help fight the virus. The content is available in local language to help spread awareness and good hygiene habits.
Product Pages

Consumers can find detailed product information on the to help them navigate the Lysol range and find the right product for their needs.