We partnered with our friends Pablo Flack and David Waddington of Bistrotheque to create Hoi Polloi, an English modernist brasserie. Hoi Polloi takes a fiercely seasonal approach to English produce and a holistic view of breaking bread with new and old friends, offering the forward-thinking population of East London a dining experience unique to Ace Hotel London Shoreditch.

Executive Chef Simon Gregory and general manager Conor Sheehan, imported from Bistrotheque, head up the team. The newsprint-style menu's editorial back page, "We Are Hoi Polloi," focuses on the characters, happenings and threads of cultural conversation in the neighbourhood. Bistrotheque's musical director Xavior Roide will introduce Sunday Strings by Xavior, created just for Hoi Polloi. BEAT Magazine presents surprise musical performances at the piano and The Lovely Jonjo will provide playlists.

Stop in when you can, and stay as long as you like — it's the best place around for three square meals a day, long afternoons spent working on a laptop, a round of evening drinks or a spot of late night supper. In true Ace and Bistrotheque form, Hoi Polloi is a friendly place that leaves room for your thoughts while it generates continuously new energy.