Hoo Raa Branding

  • Jess Macdonald

Hoo Raa is an expression of unadulterated fun, enjoyment and enthusiasm. We love life, and revel in creating extraordinary experiences, satisfying curiosities and making every moment count. Our recreational cannabis and cannabinoid products – from quick-hit gummies to intimacy-enhancing CBD lube – do just that. We bring a playful philosophy to health, happiness, sexuality and everything that makes us human. We have a wry, provocative sense of humour that piques the interest of the adventurous. Sidelining monotony, we embrace diversity, dreams, moods, and ambitions, forging a new path and crafting our very own zeitgeist of abnormality and artistry. We know that life is hard enough as it is, so we may as well have some fun along the way.


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