• Harpreet Jowhal

As part of a small team, we were each tasked to come up with some concepts for the new Howdens website, whilst activating and developing their new brand identity. As part of the conceptual designs it was important that we considered a way of educating users, whilst telling their product story. This included showcasing the finer details about the materials, paint, finish as well as their craftsmen, expertise and years of experience within their business.

Other Tools As part of the conceptual and ideation phase, I came up with various new idea to enhance the experience for the consumer. I devised a gamification piece that poses a series of questions to the user and enables Howdens, as the experts, to suggest the right kitchen for the user. As well as enabling the user to navigate through the experience whilst, curating and adding things to a moodboard, building their ideal kitchen. This can then be downloaded or sent directly to a Howdens representative, connecting the end-to-end customer journey.