HSBC - Positive Distancing Project

  • Mark Davis
  • Benji Roebuck
  • Emma Barnett
  • Sally Pendleton

Art has always had the power to transform, to soothe, to heal. And it’s always had the power to move. With social distancing likely to remain in place for some time, HSBC has harnessed this power to refresh and enhance the social distancing message.

Using a combination of old masters and new blood, HSBC is taking the public spaces between us and making them beautiful. Find Van Gogh on the streets of Mumbai or Monet in the souks of Dubai. Find new work from up-and-coming artists by your local ATM. And never forget to stay a safe distance apart. ‘The Positive Distancing Project’ is socially conscious art for the new normal. We call it ‘positive distancing’.

HSBC’s Positive Distancing Project serves as a reminder of what we have in common while keeping us apart.
A simple and scalable modular system of positive signage that is made of beautiful artwork and clear messaging that helps people stay safe out in public. Beautiful solid fill artworks cropped to the proportions of the HSBC hex shape, drive strong association of the bank with this Brand Action.
The positive signage has been created to help people socially distance in public spaces including, branches, offices, transport hubs, shopping malls and by ATMs etc.

Wherever it is helpful to remind people how to socially distance so they can feel confident socialising and returning to work safely. The application scenarios enable the system to work and be helpful in any location, either as vinyl stickers or digital screens.