Weleda - The Open Garden

  • Kate Pendleton
  • Mark Davis
  • Bryony Bolton
  • Benji Roebuck
  • Sally Pendleton
  • Emma Barnett

Weleda Launches ‘The Open Garden’: A Unique Opportunity To Experience Nature From The Palm Of Your Hand. First-of-its-kind digital platform using the power of technology to transport you to the Weleda garden, immersing you in a world of natural health and beauty, and bringing you closer to the wonder of nature.

2021 marks the centenary of Weleda, the world’s number one producer of certified natural skin and anthroposophical medicines. To celebrate the company’s ongoing mission to reconnect people with nature, they are excited to launch The Open Garden: an immersive online platform designed to transport visitors into the beating heart of the company - its gardens.

Across the globe, Weleda has eight gardens and a large community of ethical supplier partnerships, all of
which actively encourage biodiversity. Anyone visiting a Weleda garden can witness first-hand the benefits of allowing plants and flowers to be cultivated in harmony with nature, but not everyone can reach one. The Open Garden has been created in order to share this special experience with everyone, wherever in the world they may be.

The Open Garden is launched in 40 countries worldwide.
On arrival to The Open Garden, you’ll find yourself amongst colourful wildflowers, the sun shining brightly and sweet birdsong chirping through the trees. You will begin to follow the signposts, exploring the garden 360, stopping along the way to watch interactive videos or listen to stories from Weleda’s community of suppliers and experts. From bees to holistic healthcare, The Open Garden is a rich and engaging source of information about nature and the pivotal role it plays in all our lives.