• Ligia Stan

The Lightest Folding Bike in the World

Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Hummingbird is the world’s lightest folding bike. With an ultra-light weight of 6.9 kg, half the weight of other bikes, it combines cutting edge-technology and traditional hand-crafting techniques.

Hummingbird, a blend of British craftsmanship and advanced technologies

We’re using functionality and beauty to improve everyday life. Clever design, innovative materials and new technology are all underpinned by a love for aesthetics.
A beautifully engineered, simple solution, the Hummingbird meets all the needs of the urban cyclist. Ultra-light and foldable, it is easy to take on the train or store under your desk. You can even find a place for it in the boot of your car.
Hummingbird is a start-up I co-founded in 2015, which started as a Kickstarter project. I have been in charge of design (brand identity, social, promotional materials, website) and everything from PR to social media, both organic and paid and customer relationship.

Facts & figures

  • Finalist at Design Week 2016 "Best Product Design"
  • 183 press mentions, such as Esquire, Top Gear, Cyclist Magazine, Fast Company, Creative Review, Telegraph
  • 6.6M estimated coverage views
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign raising £52K


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