Isolation Inspiration

  • Poppy Jamieson

Informal sessions to connect, inspire, and inject some positivity into the creative community during 2020 & 2021's strange and trying times.

The Problem
Animation production company and Illustration agency Jelly had a problem. Like most companies and agencies in 2020/21, the sales team could no longer go to clients offices to present their artists' portfolios. The group zoom presentations also started to wear thin with a rapid drop in attendees to these presentations quite early on in the pandemic. The team needed to get their artists' work in front of clients but their traditional way of doing so was impossible.

The Solution
With zoom fatigue setting in, and no sign of physical presentations and meetings happening anytime soon I decided to launch 'Isolation Inspiration'. A series of informal webinars presented by Jelly's artists' to connect, inspire, and inject some positivity into the creative community during these "unprecedented times".

Each event was hosted through event platform Eventbrite which enabled on average 20% of attendees to find our event through the 'discovery' section of the platform.

The event was promoted across Jelly's social channels, targeted social posts to potential US clients, Jelly's newsletters to direct clients and through The Dots.

A private vimeo showcase page was also created to host each talk that took place for the sales team to share with potential clients. The showcase also included "project breakdowns" - shortened sections from each webinar where the artist went into detail about one "big" project in particular - giving users the chance to watch bite-sized sections of each talk without having to commit to a 30 minute recorded webinar.

The Results
1000+ attendees after 7 talks.
Provided new, high-quality leads.
Built brand recognition on a global scale.