Issue 1: gal-dem

  • Liv Little
  • Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff
  • Ibiye Camp
  • Kuba Shand-Baptiste
Founded and produced the first print issue of gal-dem "gal-hood" in 2016.
"For a year, gal-dem has been providing an online space for women of colour to not only discuss the issues they face as a result of their race or cultural differences but the art they create, their political views and showcasing their broad spectrum of talents and interests. Although born out of frustration fuelled by statistics that paint a poor picture of our media (“only six per cent of people working in newspapers, radio and television are ethnic minorities, compared with 14 per cent of the UK population as a whole"), the magazine is refreshing, uplifting, hilarious and knows its audience intimately." - Dazed
Photography: Aisha Midra
Photography Hiders Seekers (Ife Akinroyeje)
Photography: Hiders Seekers (Ife Akinroyeje)
Photography: Latifah Gordon