Issue One

  • Alec Dudson

Issue One

Cover photograph by Paul Phung from his untitled portrait series. Kickstarted into life by 347 brilliant backers.
Reflections of a Nomadic Designer: A project that started with contacting a Soho advertising firm and managing to secure a free flight to Reykjavik and back, soon became a European tour of internships. Daniel Cooper reflects on his journey from Iceland to Turkey, stopping off in design capitals to trade two day’s work for a day’s mentoring.
You Get OWT What You Put In: Andrew Bennett meets the OWT Creative team, whose intriguing take on an unpaid internship saw them mentor three different groups in the creation of their very own publications & launch events.
Burning Question: Creative firestarter and all-round ass-kicker James Victore brings his glorious Burning Questions series into print by answering a question for our reader Adam Griffiths.
Mike & Vincy: The story of brilliant, yet shy Parsons illustration student Vincy Cheung and her tutor, the mighty Mike Perry. After Vincy plucked up the confidence to ask if she could intern with him one summer, Ella Riley-Adams captures the reunion and reflection on the pair’s time together at Mike’s studio in Brooklyn.
Intern Aware: Lauren Murphy meets Intern Aware founder Gus Baker, a full-time law student who dedicates two days a week to running the UK’s forefront campaign group pressuring for an end to unpaid internships.
Ideas Need People: D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay makes the case for investing in young creative talent. Having spent years at the top of the design and advertising industry, he knows as well as anyone where the most innovative, new ideas come from.


  • Lara Alegre
  • Andrew Bennett
  • Mr Bingo
  • Coleen Chen
  • Vincy Cheung
  • Lenara Choudhury
  • Daniel Cooper
  • Sophie Davidson
  • Alec Dudson
  • Stephen Edwards
  • Rossella Ferorelli
  • Richard Gaston
  • Laura Gee
  • Alexandra Hayward
  • Nora Hollstein
  • Scott Kenneth Jackson
  • Delfino Sisto Legnani
  • Monica Lek
  • Charmain Leung
  • DR.ME
  • Lauren Murphy
  • Hollie Myles
  • Jason Ngai
  • Paul Phung
  • Cécilia Poupon
  • Anna Quinlan
  • Ella Riley-Adams
  • Joe Sharpe
  • Mike Soltis
  • Jack Taylor
  • Maxwell Tomlinson
  • Hannah Turner
  • James Victore


144 pages perfect bound. Cover – Beckett Cambric Arctic 270gsm. Coated sections – Heaven 42 115gsm. Both by GF Smith. Uncoated sections – Explorer offset 110gsm. Printed in Aberystwyth by Cambrian Printers.