The Price is Right

  • Alec Dudson
  • Grace Lister

Learn how to price your design work effectively with our new online course.

Over the past six years at intern we've developed and delivered a range of workshops that empower students to build their dream careers. Typically, we run those sessions for creative universities, which is fine as long as you're enrolled on a course that's smart enough to bring us in, but if not, or if you're not at university, then we've not been available to you.

Our mission is to make the creative industries genuinely diverse, by ensuring that people have the skills to navigate them regardless of their background

This summer we're launching those workshops as online courses, so that anyone, anywhere can access the insight and advice that we've garnered from working with some of the best creatives on the planet and first up is 'The Price is Right', our introductory guide to charging effectively for your design work.
In this course we'll cover the following:

  • Calculating a rate that works for you
  • How confidence impacts rates and how to work around that anxiety
  • Three fundamental approaches to pricing your work
  • How people perceive the value of your work
  • Managing expectations
  • Framing design as a service, not a product
  • How to make sure that you get paid
Here's a little snippet of what to expect in the workshop, hosted by our Founder Alec Dudson
If you're charging people £50 for a logo, have never done a project with a terms agreement in place or are struggling to see how you could ever make enough money from graphic design to go full-time, then this course is for you.

Learning how to price your work effectively is vital to building a sustainable career and we can get you on the right track. Preview the course and enrol (for an introductory price of just £11.99) here.